What Toilet Should You Purchase?

Since manufacturers provide a wide range of sanitary fixtures, commonly referred to as toilets, choosing the right one for your bathroom is more complicated than you think. If you take some time to visit a local or an online store, you can easily find at least seven different models, which come along with specific advantages and disadvantages.

Major categories include water-efficient, one-piece, power-assisted, pressure-assisted, dual-flush, elongated, gravity-fed and wall-mounted sanitary fixtures. Most producers have already combined two or three models in order to deliver an even wider selection.

Tips For choosing The Right Toilet

To find the best one, you should take some time to read a few details about every single model available today. After you decide on the most appropriate type, it’s essential to check the reviews in order to decide on the right brand. To make things easier for you, the following paragraphs explain a few interesting things about the sanitation fixtures you can find now.

Water-Efficient: This one can help you save about $90 a year on your water and sewage bills. A great thing about this ingenious sanitation fixture is that it comes along with a new technology that makes possible water conservation by limiting water consumption to a maximum of 1.6 gallons without sacrificing flush performance.

One-Piece: This option is the opposite of the bowl-and-tank combinations you can see in most homes. This model comes along with two major advantages: it can be cleaned easily because there is no space between the bowl and the tank; and unlike the conventional bowl-and-tank fixtures, one-piece models don’t leak.

Power-Assisted: This model comes along with a 0.2 horsepower motor in its tank. The role of this motor is to force waste products away. Thanks to this system, you can save in average 2,000-2,500 gallons of water per year.

Pressure-Assisted: These fixtures are usually found in different commercial settings, such as shopping centers and restaurants. They have an efficient system, referred to as tank-inside-tank. This system allows the water to enter the main tank and create air-pressure in the tank chamber in order to release more water in the bowl.

Dual-Flush: A dual-flush model is appropriate for green home remodeling. That’s because it delivers two different flushes: heavy and light. While some models have two different buttons, others come along with a single lever, which can be adjusted based on the type of flush you want. If you read a comprehensive toilet review about these systems, you can easily get the best one.

Elongated: Elongated models are commonly used in public bathrooms. Being about two inches longer than the conventional models, they provide more comfort.

Gravity-Fed: This is the most common and affordable toilet option. It always does a great job in expelling the waste, while using a maximum of two gallons of water per flush.

Wall-Mounted: As the name suggests, these products are mounted directly to the wall. Even though these sanitation fixtures are more elegant than other products, they usually cost more and require thick walls for mounting.

What Else You Should Know

The height of the sanitation fixture is another important point you need to take into account before buying a certain product. Although most options come in standard sizes of 14 and 15 inches, more and more manufacturing companies are proposing new models of 16 and 17 inches. Besides the height, you should check the flush performance rating system. To help homeowners get an appropriate toilet model, numerous producers are rating their sanitation fixtures based on the ability to resist clogging and remove bulk waste. You can find these scores mentioned on product packaging.













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